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The TV Channel UPC is an initiative of the UPC that performs a renovation project with two objectives: inform and communicate.
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In order to respond adequately to the growing needs of management of grants, the ADVICE AND SUPPORT UNIT WORK IN SEARCH management supports predoctoral and postdoctoral grants.


All information relating to calls for assistance which are detailed below can be found on the website of the CTT or the FAQ's

For inquiries please feel free to contact the appropriate offices of the CTT:

Centre de Transferència de Tecnologia (CTT)
Edifici Vèrtex
Soterrani 1
Campus Nord
Plaça Eusebi Güell, nº6
08034 Barcelona

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Submission of documentation

Documentation must be submitted in one of the records of the UPC or any of the art procedures. 38.4 of Law 30/1992 of November 26, amended by Law 4 / 1999 of the Common Regime.

The documentation will be addressed in the Advisory Unit for Research and Education Support (Vertex Building. Pza. Eusebi Güell, 6 08034 Barcelona S1).

Enclosed is the link where you can find the records that are different from the UPC and the corresponding schedules: https://www.upc.edu/patrimoni/gestio-patrimonial/registres-publics
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